Use Washi Tapes To Make A Greenery Arched Window

Are you stuck indoor all day?

Is your place lack of greens, flowers and nature lately?

If so, what about making your journal page lots of greens and flowers today?

Use green and flowers washi tapes to make an arched window!

It’s very easy if you have these three tapes – happy flowers, green leaves and green mosaic. (The links will bring you to the online store)


Washi tape arched window


You might not have a roll of washi tape to begin with or you don’t have the exact same type.

Don’t panic… it is okay.  Just look at your washi tape collection see if you have any green masking tape or single stem rose tape.  Even if all you can find is just some green stickers and paper, by all means use them in your planner.

Though the main goal here is to feature the beauty and unique character of the pretty tapes, another purpose is to have lots of greens and flowers around us.  Don’t you think it’s refreshing walking in a park or hiking in lush hill?


Something about the Gratitude Journal page today…

Well, I’m not sure if this is coincidence or I like the mosaic and garden mt tapes so much so that I used them again in my book just after three pages!

These mt masking tapes were used again without much thought.  All I had in mind was to create an arch or to be precise – an arched window – something like the images shown below.


Find inspirations from beautiful building


These pictures were taken quite some time ago while traveling.  It’s sort of a “must” to take such similar photos ~ window and window box with lots of flowers and green leaves.

As for the cute illustration in the middle of the page (see the first image), it’s actually from an old calendar.  So I just cut all of them and save for future use.

I thought I wanted to frame them up or do something like creating an accordion card as the positive and meaningful quotes (all in Chinese text) are uplifting and inspiring.  Instead, all of them go into this gratitude journal.  Hence, you will see them again in the next few pages. 🙂

Let’s embrace the nature!


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