Newspaper Masking Tape And Patterned Paper


The wide tape below is from mt ex collection – Newspaper masking tape (also known as mt washi masking tape ex English-Language Newspaper).

The black polka dot washi tape is mt slim.

English newspaper mt masking tape


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Do you read newspaper everyday?  Which section do you read first?  Do you just scan the headlines or do you read all of them?

I know some people will read from cover to cover.

I used to read newspaper daily, be it good news or bad news.  But, I stopped reading the mainstream news for quite a while.

I just scan the headlines and some text so that I’m also aware of what’s going on currently.  I try not to remember what I’ve read because it doesn’t make me feel good most of the time.

So, I only read the entertainment, business and soft skills type of news in the morning.  You might think that I am a coward and refuse to face the facts.

You know, I can’t really blame the reporters because it’s their job to report the good and the bad.  However, I do have a choice to select the type of news that I want to know.

How I wish there was such newspaper called “Happy Newspaper” to spread love, happiness and the positives.

And back to this newspaper mt ex masking tape.

Newspaper masking tape

The picture looks like newsprint if you see from afar.  This is not a typical newspaper.

If you read closer (magnifying glasses is needed), the news is about mt, what is mt, and its history.  You can also get to know about them should you decide to have a quick read because the text is just too small.

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If you are running out of wrapping paper or patterned paper, what about using newsprint washi tape to make one instead?


Newspaper patterned paper

This is an existing 6×6 paper. Five strips of washi tape used. It’s just nice to cover the whole paper (only little white space on both sides).



Newsprint patterned box

I used Martha Stewart scoring board to make a quick box. Shown here is just the box base.



Use newspaper washi tape to make a box

Box size is 2″x2″x2″.



The skinny polka dot (the width is 6mm) is part of the mt slim collection.  It comes with two other black tapes but different patterns.

This black polka dot is classic and pretty popular as it’s easy to jazz up anything.

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Black polka dot adhesive tape

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