Patchwork And Sea Creature Kamoi Adhesive Tape

If you are a patchwork fan, what do you think of this pattern masking tape?

Patchwork pattern masking tape

How’s it like for the journal today?

Patchwork and sea creature journal


Is the page “busy”?

Or, should I add another light colored tape on top of it?

There are quite a number of patchwork patterns in this 20mm (0.79 inches) wide tape…

…about more than 10 (or roughly 14) different patchwork designs!  This means you can cut out each of them and rearrange in your own way.  Isn’t it cool?

Moreover, there is a fine line in each pattern.  So, you can follow the lines and cut them accordingly.  Here I cut in large section instead of smaller pieces.

Another mt washi tape that I use is part of the mt ex encyclopedia series – sea creature – for instance you will see clownfish, emperor penguin, green see turtle, seahorse and dolphin.  The text in the tape is not very clear but the title is still slightly readable.  Magnifying glass does not help much as the smaller text is blurry.

Sea creature masking tape


The sea creature adhesive tape is placed at the bottom of the page to create an illusion.

How do you want to use this patchwork patterned tape actually?

Please share your tips in the comments below!


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