Lovely Umbrella Washi Tape!

It’s raining!  Remember to bring along your umbrella.  There are many different umbrellas here so you can pick your favorite one!


Lovely umbrella washi tape journal


The umbrella washi tape came just in time while I was preparing this journal.  It is also used to hold the picture in the middle of the journal instead of using glue.

The brand is Space Craft produced by Round Top.  Therefore, the quality is also excellent.

There are many washi tape brands in Japan other than mt.  Round top is also one of the brands of high quality products.  You might have seen die cut shaped washi tapes before.

Anyway, after a rather busy (patchwork decoration) post yesterday, here is the mt light blue tape for today’s journal.

Crisscross pattern masking tape


The product name is mt 1P Deco Messy Cyan.  I don’t think it’s that messy.  All the lines are neatly arranged.  So it’s more like an orderly crisscross design.


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