Little Houses Deco Tape

The little houses deco tape was used because of the picture in the middle.

Little houses deco tape



Since the little girl was pretty much enjoying herself outside, so the lovely little houses was added on top of the red mosaic – it’s actually two layers of mt tile red colored masking tapes.

Note: mt tile red (formal name is tile pink though) looks familiar?  Yes, there’s another one same design but in green instead.  Click here to see this.


And the third one is from mt ex collection – Gradation Japanese washi paper tape.  The colors blend in nicely to the next color.  Can this be called as rainbow color tape?  More blue was inserted on purpose in today’s post to make it look like sky to sort of match the quote in the middle.

Rainbow colors washi tape

mt ex gradation



The decorative tape looks similar to this one which appeared in this post.  However, the latter one is watercolor painting.


What’s the story behind?

No matter how far you travel, no matter how much you like to linger around outdoor, no matter how much you enjoy the fresh air outside, no matter how tempting it is the world outside, please remember to go home…

…remember to visit your parents and loved ones often because…

…they are right here waiting for your return.


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