Combine Two Masking Tapes – Fun & Easy!

How to combine masking tapes to create something different?

I didn’t know about this at first.  I do know you can layer different washi tapes to create different patterns due to the translucency of the materials (washi paper).  But, I don’t know about these two masking tapes by mt.

My cousin told me about this.  I guess she must have seen it somewhere.

What do you see here?  The bear and the rabbit…

Fun masking tape layers - bear and rabbit washi tapes


Do they look like having fun together?  Rabbit is presenting flowers to the bear and it’s like they are having joy together.  Can you see if this is just in a single sticky tape?

Nope.  Two masking tapes actually.

One is mt ex kasaneru – bear & squirrel and the other one is mt ex kasaneru – rabbit & squirrel.  Hmm… the squirrel is not in the Gratitude Journal.

mt ex Kasaneru - Bear & Squirrelmt ex Kasaneru - Rabbit & Squirrel


First, I just place the bear washi tape on the page and then cut out the rabbit washi tape separately.  Then I make sure the rabbit looks like giving the flowers and they are talking gleefully while the rabbit sitting on tree trunk.

Wonder if you notice the color of the bear?  It should be in dark brown but the color on the far right is lighter.  This is because the rabbit masking tape covers the bear.

I leave some space around the rabbit when I cut.  Just want to see how’s going to look like if I have another masking tape layering on top.  Otherwise, just cut off the rabbit (follow its shape) so that the excess portion (the empty part or white space) will not overlap; that means it won’t cover the bear.

Oh, I hope my explanation makes sense to you.

The other colorful mt tape is mosaic bright.  This is a bigger mosaic pattern compared to this small mosaic green.

So, this is a simple way to combine two masking tapes to create something interesting.  Perhaps you can try this with children and add your own captions or stories.

Be happy!


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