Calm And Soothing For Today’s Journal…

…Light Blue And Green Dots Washi Tapes

As mentioned in the title above, today’s journal is about two light colored mt tapes – light blue and green dots.


Calm soothing today's journal


Both of them are part of the 5P set meaning 5 different rolls of mt masking tapes in a box.  This two are chosen mainly because of the picture in the Gratitude Journal – lots of trees and water (perhaps it’s a lake).

At the bottom of the journal, I make the blue panel thicker (just tape two layers) and overlap them slightly.  Then add the green dots mt tape on top.

As for the top part of the journal, just tape one layer for each type.  However, can you see the difference where you have half of the green dots underneath the blue and the other half without (which means the other half of the green dots is placed directly on the white paper)?

Sometimes, you can just try to play with different colors of washi tapes and see the effects.

What if it’s a bright color tape other than the light blue?  You should be able to see the green dots clearer, right?

Plus, this is your very own diary, so why not let your creativity run wild?  Mix and match different washi tapes; perhaps you can find the designs that you really love – and lead you to create bigger projects like card making, scrapbooking, mini album and many more.

So, today is calm, soothing and refreshing!  It’s definitely not the usual Monday blues – no more!



If you want to get the 5P set, click here.


If you want to get the 10P set (light blue or baby blue is on the far right), click here.

Bright and light colors set

mt 10P bright


If you want to get only single roll of light blue tape, click here.


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