Bright Pink Collage

This is a pretty bright pink patches masking tape by mt.


Bright pink collage gratitude journal


Although there are some other colors such as orange, beige (but darker), gold lines and empty spaces, the hot pink and orange colors still cover a large portion.


Pink and orange collage patterned tape

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Since the washi tape itself is already striking and eye-catching, so I just taped it on all four sides.

Then the gold alphabet mt tape was “aimlessly” added to kind of match the page.  Okay, it’s not that fancy and the alphabets mean nothing here.  Just want to see how it’s going to be like.

I should have placed the block of text on the bright side before taking the picture.

Anyway, I slowly removed “D E F” since this is just a thin paper and placed it on top of bright pink.


The text can still be seen and the bright pink is not that striking anymore.  Because the tape is semi-transparent, you can still see a bit of the color.

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Despite of the bold colors, the design is still pretty much in a handmade (patches) style.  There are many “lines” where you can just follow and tear into pieces by hands.  You can then rearrange and make your own pattern.

So let this bright pink collage brighten up your day!


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