Travel mt Washi Tape

Speaking of traveling, I believe most of us will be like, “Come! Let’s pack and go!”


Travel themed mt washi tape


Just can’t wait to get out of the house or office.

It’s doesn’t have to be a long and far-away trip.  It can be a day trip to somewhere nearby.

If you are stuck all day indoor or working non-stop, what about taking a break and get out there and travel?  But it can be a totally different scenario if you are always on the go and traveling as you may just want to rest at home.

But I think the main point of traveling is to relax and really enjoy the trip.  What’s the point again if it’s rushing from one point to another?  It’s even more exhausted right?

There’s a saying, “To rest is to prepare for a longer journey.

It’s just like taking a little nap during the day.  I was kind of guilty doing so sometimes.  But I realized that having taken 30-minute nap made me more productive and awake after that.


Coming back to traveling…

I’d tried both being on trips with tour guide and backpacking to places like Taiwan, England and some European countries.  There are pros and cons for both depending upon the places you go.

Nevertheless, I’d still prefer backpacking where I (or my travel buddy) plan our own journey.  It’s more fun anyway!

This “Travel Way” washi adhesive tape by mt is kind of a vintage/nostalgic look.  It shows different mode of transport such as airplane, cruise, bus, bike and also tickets.

Travel mt washi tape


I also added the “pack your bags!” sticker, alphabets sticker and also the corner mt tape (on both sides) to adorn the journal page.

Note: These two tapes come in a pack.

Blue and peach mt tapes

Maybe you are stuck at work and unable to apply for leave or maybe you have a very tight budget and nothing left for even a short trip.

Just take a deep breath and relax… no need to feel envious or jealous that your friends get to travel all the time.

Remember you still have this gratitude journal… hey, that’s one of the purposes of having such journal other than “showing off” your washi tape stash!

Write down all the details in your lovely planner like where you plan to travel, how to get there, check out airfare promotions, places you want to visit, how much to earn and save for the trip etc.

Some people said that it’s not safe to travel anymore nowadays.  What do you think?

I really hope that it is safe.  I really wish that it’s peaceful and wonderful everywhere we go.

All in all, let us…

Be thankful for the trips that you had been to before
Be thankful for the trips that you have at the moment
Be thankful for your future trips that will happen soon


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