Music Notes and mt Slim Masking Tapes


Let the music notes beat the Monday blues!

Music notes and green mt slim tape

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Music notes washi tapes

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mt slim deco D green masking tape

This is one of the slim tapes in a set which is available here.

Green 6mm slim tape by mt

That’s the green tape in the middle.


Have you ever felt blue on Mondays?  Have you ever thought of giving excuses of not going to work?  Are you struggling to get up on Monday?

If you have certain negative symptoms like these, perhaps you should either change the way you think, at least pretending Monday is going to be fabulous, or take a good look at your current situation… is there something you dislike about your job?

Or, maybe it’s time to get some rests like taking a mini vacation.  It’s better to do something to change your mood.

I don’t quite enjoy Monday especially in the morning.  It seems like everybody is coming out and rushing to destination.

It’s crowded and chaotic on the road.  The highway looks like a huge parking lot because the cars are either crawling or standing still.  This is a typical Monday morning during peak hours.

It’s kind of discouraging, right?  But…

Since there’s a quite a distance traveling from my house to workplace, I’d just switch on the radio and listen to my favorite music.

Here’s a little tip to lift my mood, I’d listen to cheerful and easy music rather than melancholy music.

You can sing along if you want to.  But the ones that I find best are actually classical music by Bach and Mozart (side note: best listening in the morning).  Immediately I can feel awake and sense of alertness.  This is what I’ve experimented while driving.

Therefore, presenting here three (not one but three 🙂 ) different music notes washi tapes and one of the mt slim masking tapes in this gratitude journal today.

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I’m in need of lots and lots of beautiful music to beat the Monday blues!

What about you?


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mt slim tape


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