Garden And Green Tile mt Masking Tapes

OK… today’s washi tape gratitude journal is really a short and simple text.  But isn’t it sweet?

Garden green tile mt masking tapes


“It’s so nice having YOU.”

Then it followed by Chinese words which mean the same thing.

Yes, you can write in your own language too.

The garden mt masking tape that showcased here look complicated at first glance.

Garden masking tape by mt Japan

The tape is filled with lots of colorful flowers.  It seems so “busy” but once you see it in real, you will love it.  It looks very much country-style in my opinion.

The tile green mt tape is another favorite.  The mosaic style reminds me of the tiled floor in the old kitchen.  The tile design is pretty popular in the old days.

mt 1p tile green masking tape

Here I inserted three layers of green tile tapes at the bottom of the page.

Aren’t these two washi tapes great combinations?

I like them so much so that they appeared again in this gratitude journal without realizing it!


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